Products to help with dark circles under the eyes

Dark circles have several causes- sun damage, irritation, genetics, capillaries showing through the skin, and allergies are all examples of reasons dark circles show up under the eye area. Topical treatments (other than a good concealer) don't really help eliminate them either, regardless of claims. 

But using a more emollient moisturizer, like Botanical E Eye Balm, especially at night, can help the eye area to look plump, smooth and healthy by providing intensely rich hydration. A key ingredient in this formula is pomegranate sterols, a powerful humectant capable of holding more than double its weight in water. The pomegranate sterols act as a delivery system - holding water on the surface of the skin to help increase hydration and barrier function. 

The overnight hydration and skin-smoothing benefits a more emollient eye balm provide will also help to keep the eye area's texture in good shape so you can easily smooth on concealer for dark circles during the day. Dry, dehydrated skin around the eyes, can cause the area to look dull and exacerbate the appearance of dark circles so it's important to treat the area daily. Botanical E Eye Balm is absolutely one of our favorite products and we use it on our eyes and then lips for overnight treatment.